Application Process Outline

We have made the application process simple and streamlined. Just follow the steps below, and if you have any questions or concerns please contact a member of our knowledgable staff.



  1. Application Checklist
  2. Description of Forms
  3. Client Code of Conduct
  4. Application Form
  5. Health Care Practitioner’s Statement
  6. Medical Information Release Authorization
  7. Information for the Healthcare Practitioner

Or call us toll-free at 1-877-891-1331 to have your application package sent by mail.



  • Make an appointment with your Provincial Healthcare Practitioner
  • Gather all pertinent information for the visit, including your ID
  • Be prepared and have all of your forms with you



Come into the dispensary with your Health Canada Licence or Completed Application Package. Plus two pieces of ID – one must be government issued photo ID.

or alternatively

Mail all documents. This will include copies of your IDs, Application Form, Client Code of Conduct, Confirmation of Diagnosis, and the Medical Information Release Form (if applicable) signed and dated to:

Nature’s Botanicals
1011-A Johnson Street
Victoria, BC Canada V8V 3N6

Once we receive your completed application package and have verified your paperwork, you are ready to place your first order. Your first package will contain your order and your Nature’s Botanicals Membership Card.