Do I Qualify

You must become a member of Nature’s Botanicals before ordering our products. We have created a simple 4 step process for becoming a member. Of course, the first question one would ask is what qualifies me to access medical marijuana through Nature’s Botanicals?

The conditions for access to our products are the same as those set out in the Federal Government’s Marijuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR). Administered through Health Canada, the MMAR has set out two categories of applicants who qualify.

We at Nature’s Botanicals recognize the same two categories for access to our products. If you have already been authorized by Health Canada to possess marijuana, you need not complete our Healthcare Practitioner Form, simply send a scan or photocopy of your Authorization to Possess Dried Marijuana from Health Canada.

The MMAR outlines two categories under which people can become eligible to possess cannabis for medical purposes.

Is comprised of medical conditions along with their associated symptoms as well as any symptom treated within the context of providing compassionate end-of-life care.

  • multiple sclerosis
  • spinal chord injury
  • spinal chord disease
  • cancer
  • severe arthritis
  • epilepsy
  • anxiety
  • asthma
  • autism
  • chrohn’s disease/ IBS
  • depression/ mental illness
  • degenerative diseases
  • diabetes, eating disorders
  • epilepsy
  • seizure disorders
  • glaucoma
  • intractable breathlessness
  • migraine
  • multiple sclerosis
  • nausea
  • chronic pain
  • panic disorder
  • phantom limb pain
  • PTSD

If you have thought of using Medicinal Cannabis to relieve or manage your conditions or symptoms you should approach your Healthcare Practitioner.

Be prepared for your appointment:

  • Bring along the Nature’s Botanicals Provincial Healthcare Practitioner Application Form (PDF available)
  • Bring in two passport photographs for the practitioner to sign
  • Consider bringing along the “Release Form for Medical Practitioner” (PDF available) it may be useful in getting your physician or practitioner to support your application
  • Broach the subject of using medical marijuana with your healthcare provider. Use this site to familiarize yourself with the benefits of medicinal cannabis and be informed before arriving at your appointment. Remember, healthcare practitioners are there to support you and to help you make the best decisions for your health.
  • Patients often find it helpful to bring along a support person for this appointment.

Identify the symptoms you feel will benefit from the medicinal cannabis. Be prepared to explain why you believe medical marijuana may be of greater benefit than other therapies or medications.

  • If you are already using cannabis to manage your symptoms you will need to explain to your physician how using cannabis has been of more benefit than the medicines or therapies you have already tried
  • Be prepared to divulge the method of use and grams per day that you find beneficial
  • If you have never used cannabis before, be informed. Speak to people who do use it for medicinal purposes. Find out how much they use and in what form, along with the symptom relief it has provided them