Topical Lotions, Ointments and Salves

Our locally made, all-natural healing products are infused with high-quality and organic ingredients, carefully crafted using alchemical recipes that promote soothing, regeneration and beauty.

Healing Lotion

Locally made with all natural vitamin E, free of any artificial dyes cents or paraben. Infused with Purple Kush an Indica dominant strain.

2 sizes:

Lotion 50 ml – $17.00
Lotion 120 ml – $30.00

Coconut Oil Salve
locally made

Luscious and soothing, this locally made salve includes pure coconut oil with a high concentration of Texada Timewarp cannabis extract. It is perfect for rashes, scratches and minor skin irritations. Supports a rapid healing process with the power of cannabis. 

5O ml
$ 50.00

Cannabis Salve
locally made

This powerful healing salve is locally made and a favourite of Nature’s Botanicals customers. With so many effective ingredients it’s uses are many, including the following:

– Relief from minor skin irritations including itching, scratches and rash.
– Soothing for dry skin.
– Promotes rapid healing and less scarring.

Infused with:
Organic bees wax, Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Emu Oil, Sesame Oil, Peppermint Oil, Arnica, Pine pinch and Cannabis.

2 Sizes:
50 ml – $50.00
100 ml – $85.00

Cannabis Tinctures
2 Types – Both locally made with Purple Kush. 

1. Vegetable Glycerine
A mildly infused product for those who have no tolerance or are just starting to experiment with Cannabis.


2. Alcohol Tincture
At the opposite end of the spectrum, this is very strong.